We have been in this business since 1995. For many years, we have been giving an opportunity to our clients to create their own from scratch. The main features of a custom build are purchasing a fully serviced plot, working with the architect, and designing the home. It offers flexibility and puts you in control.

There are many routes to custom build home. You can select to do as little or more work yourself with our assistance and support from the start to the end of the project. You can either have your architect or choose one that we provide. We have several homes in our portfolio which you can see to get any idea about the kind of works we do.

Our Process

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We have a process that we follow to construct home. Here are the steps we follow:

Step 1: We discuss the client’s goal.We sit with our clients, know their needs and give them a direction. We will also discuss the project timeline and the cost involved.

Step 2: The client meets with us to discuss the conceptual design. It can be changed to turn into something the client prefers.

Step 3: The client will sit with our consultants to review the initial budget. We will discuss any changes and suggest ways move forward.

Step 4: The client meets with the bank to discuss the project and get a loan pre-approval.

Step 5: Our clients will sit with us to review the final budget of the project and agree to move forward. We discuss any final changes to the project and have the client sign the final document. The plans, specifications, budget, etc. must then be submitted to the bank. The bank will order the appraisal and give the loan to the client.

Step 6: We will obtain the necessary permissions to start building your custom home.

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